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What We Do

We walk side by side with our clients providing them with innovative ideas developed especially for each project, while providing our extensive video and film knowledge.


Rutz/Roberts Productions specializes in creating attractive and exciting videos to market your company, service or product. We create videos that appeal to today's viewers using cameras that shoot in UHD (4k or higher resolution) or in HD 1080p using top of the line lens that truly give each video a captivating look but with it's own unique touch. We also use cool trendy tools like GoPro Cameras or Drones for beautiful aerial shots. In the editing process we take video pieces to another level by adding TV/cinematic quality music, high end 3D graphics and stock footage to add another layer of attention grabbing presentation value to truly impress viewers who may be getting to know you for the first time via a video. Our reputation and success has also put us in contact with the best casting directors, crews, make-up artist, and video marketing specialist in the industry, we take all of our contacts in consideration when creating your masterpiece. Recently we have added animation to our long list of what our company is capable of creating.


Rutz/Roberts Productions has mastered the production of event shooting. 


A website video should be the first thing a potential client sees when they arrive at your website. Instead of reading about your company, instantly they get to see it in action. This video works as a summary of your company showcasing many features and services. Our approach is always highly creative as we use interesting shots, attention grabbing graphics, original professional music and voice-overs to create the perfect website video for your brand.


With Video taking over social media it is imperative for your company to have Social Media Ready Videos. These clips will be short in length but filled with information. Many clients like to make tutorials or fun client testimonials as those formats are popular online, there are many exciting brand establishing formats for Social Media Videos and we want to discuss those ideas with you.


We write, produce and edit TV ready commercial spots that are usually 30 seconds to 60 seconds in length. Showcasing your products or services in the proper light for your brand using current TV commercial standards, with flashy graphics or a powerful voice over, our presentation value will leave a lasting effect with your intended audience.

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